11 November 2014

Inspired by...

Chimera reflects the INFINITE search of human nature for HIGHER levels of EXISTENCE. By nature something fleeting and unattainable , Chimera is everlastingly FASCINATING , identical to the human need for ETERNAL kinesis in a FOR EVER expanding universe. Chimera's chase is a SPIRITUAL quest , inextricably connected to the process of perfection of the human PSYCHE !!!

Chimera's Charisma was inspired by ΧΙΜΑΙΡΑ and ΧΙΜΑΙΡΑ ΤΡΙΟ.

The presence of dearest friends  Yperbaths Ximaira  and  Sophia Siglitiki Drekou  is necessary in this blog. Yperbaths  will always INSPIRE us not to give up on  the challenges of  life , whereas Sophia  will always be the  TALISMAN  in order for this  blog to flourish  and improve throughout  its process in time !

Special THANKS to dear friend Proaggelos whose knowledge and contribution was also  necessary for the creation of the blog!

Finally Chimera's Charisma is a GIFT to Pit Arabatzis, a  CHARISMATIC human being, as a token of FRIENDSHIP and strong ADMIRATION and an urge for him to improve his multifaceted skills!

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